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Friday, April 20, 2012

Goodness, gracious, great balls of cuteness! CHEAP & easy way to add a custom finial to your curtain rod!

foam craft balls
hot glue 
gorilla glue
vellum paper
gold craft paint
decorative button
napkin rings
SO I have been working on a million projects for 3 different clients homes, and I have been chomping at the bit to get something done so I can blog about it. This is not my first choice....but I'm done with it (well almost) they still need to be attached to the ends of the curtain rod, but you get the idea. I have to be extra creative when it comes to curtain rods BECAUSE they cost TOO much $ in my opinion! So with this client I am using the existing drapery rod which is a decorative wood dowel and I will be attaching these as the finials for the ends!

So I started with f regular old foam craft balls.
Then I took strips of craft paper dipped them in a glue/water mixture and layered them on. (The wet one with paper layered on it is on the left.)

I found a decorative button ON SALE FOR $1.97 @ Jo-anns, (actually my sister-in-law spotted them). I thought these could be the end of the finials and the napkin rings could be the bottom and what attaches to the rod.

I thought ok I'll attach everything and spray paint the whole thing white and dry brush on the gold....but I REALLY wasn't digging the look even before paint. So, then I had to get REALLY creative (cheaply BTW)....I thought HMMM, it kinda looks like an artichoke finial.............DING, DING!! Correcto mundo! Thats what it shall be! (BTW the paper wrapping was not a complete waist of time because the vellum attached to the paper quite nicely and gave it a sturdier feel, but I'm sure you could skip that step if you wanted to)

I found my Xtra LG whole punch (which I'm sure you can use scissors and cut out circles) and grabbed some Vellum outta my scrapbook drawer, put several sheets together at once and began punching.

I started to attach each circle at the top with hot glue, and over lapped each one, and tried to stay in line while going around. Then moved down when I started the next row, and just kept repeating til I reached to bottom. I did stop after each row and dry brush on the gold craft paint.

Then I painted the napkin ring gold, and then I spray painted the decorative button white, and dry brushed on the gold over that as well. Then attached both using gorilla glue.

AND like I said I haven't gotten a chance to attach them to the curtain rod yet, BUT I will post a picture of the completed room!