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Friday, September 14, 2012

Say Grace! Dining table Redo!

I have been chomping at the bit to get my OWN house decorated. I recently fell in love with the idea of dinette seating, as our dining room is a pretty condensed area, and we need to be able to seat more than 4 sometimes. I love so many different styles and all the beautiful settee's but ultimately I need to work with what I've got- and this Free dining table & Free cedar chest are what I already had to work with! 
(I know when I get a little more "mula" I will construct a tufted armless settee or something different for my bench so to be continued on that, this is about the table for right now...)

As you can see the table was white and the cedar chest was already dark brown. I decided to paint the top of the chest in aqua and touched up the dark brown on base where needed. Next I painted the top of the table dark distressed brown, and the pedistal my new blue-ish aqua color. (sorry I did not do a step by step photo...I was rushing to get it done & I forgot) Then my next idea was to do something neat and interesting over the top of the brown table top.
 I was thinking about a stencil, then I thought "ooooh" what about writing (like the fabric you see with love letters written in cursive on the fabric, kinda a shabby chic look) Then I had it! Since it's a dining table, and we are a faith-filled family why not a meal time prayer written out?? So I looked online for a nice prayer (rather than just writing "grace" which would have been ok too :)

 I then wrote it out in my own (nice) handwriting with a thin paint brush and the same color paint as the pedestal. It reads, "We give our thanks for food that stays our hunger, for rest that brings us ease, for a home where memories linger, we give thanks for the these. Bless us, oh Lord, and these gifts we are about to receive. Amen"