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Monday, May 21, 2012

What the Tide Drug in!

So I saw these drift wood garlands at some local home decor places for $30ea, and thought they would be really cool as a curtain in front of a block glass wall at one of my clients homes who is an avid surfer. But of course I felt I needed more than one and since it was a budget room redo, I knew it was something I could make! I found this driftwood on etsy from Scotland so I thought that was cool...(yes people I bought it, I live at the beach but I'm busy and dont have time to go searching for 200+ driftwood twigs :) Here's the link on etsy where you can find them StairLodgeSupplies

 Then I bought these sand dollars from oriental trading co. for $6 which I felt was a score! My Boxer Rosko thought they were a yummy treat :)

I then painted a bamboo stick I had- in black and did a silver finish over the top, then drilled holes through it and attached the 5 garlands, also putting a sand dollar at the top of the pole.

 Heres another view... I wanted to get this post done but I am currently waiting for my camera to come in the mail, and I promise to post better pics of this soon! Plus show you the finished room, along with the fireplace transformation and my $9 wood mantel I made! Please visit my website for all of my before & after transformations! 
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