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Sunday, November 17, 2013

What to do with THIS box?? (Dining chairs redone too)

So I had inherited this huge box (AKA as a friend who stayed with us and left a bunch of crap that I didn't want!) It is very heavy I think it was actually the base of an entertainment center at one point in it's life. I painted the inside black and still wasn't
quite sure what the world I was going to do with it! Whenever I need some inspiration I go window shopping and I FOUND 2 storage ottomans that I thought were pretty cute so this is what was birthed out of that trip!

So here are the ottomans I found in store pretty cute but I think they were in the $400ea range :(

 I actually wanted to use fabric on the outside rather than painting the wood so of course I went through my favorite stencil company Cutting Edge Stencils and painted it onto the fabric, I did have to sew the fabric together to upholster it onto the box, and I also dry brushed over the top of the stencil giving it a linen look it also hid some of the blemishes where I kinda messed up on the stencil.
I also cut out a piece of wood and upholstered it with burlap and added the nail-heads and created a square tuft pattern.(sorry I didnt get the step-by-step for that on camera) Then I added a nail-head trim on the 2 larger side of the ottoman, and since  it is SO heavy I also added caster wheels to the bottom.

 AND I loved the stencil on fabric so much I even added it to the fabric for these dining chairs which I painted and reupholstered as well!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Capiz Shell look alike!!

I saw a piece in a furniture store that had a capiz shell door fronts! I love the whole beachy look! My sister-in-law had these 2 nightstands that she hated, I talked her out of throwing them out explained the look that I thought we could replicate and we had fun doing it!
First we dry brushed on a butter cream color then a gold paint over the top

The next step was time consuming punching out hundreds of circles

Then of course we had to paint the ugly pieces!

Next we started from the center and worked our way out by overlapping and gluing all the circles down

 Voila these old ugly night stands got a new beachy life!!