Palma Home Design

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fabric flowers!

Start with cutting circles from fabric, I used the cap off a spray paint can to trace my circles. I cut about 90 for this larger flower.

Then you cut out a larger circle and fill it with stuffing and glue it, this will become what you glue the petals to.

Now with each circle you will fold in half and hand sew the open end with a simple stitch. And you will just start stringing them onto the string until you have a long chain.

Next you will start to glue them onto the pouf of fabric and start from the edge and work your way around until you get to the center.

Then I added some little gold pearls to the center!
I chose to pin several diferent types fo fabric flowers to a white linen shower curtain, but they would look cute on just about anything!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Square tufted Cheat!

I found this great bench for $8! So I took the cushion off and painted the whole thing black.

 I wanted to use burlap for the cushion, I measured and then sewed pleats creating a square pattern (sorry I didn't take pictures of that process) I really wasn't up for diamond tufting nor did I have all of the materials to do that. So I came up with just screwing the tufts in! SO easy and it still looks nice, what an easy way to cheat!

You have to use washers as well otherwise the fabric will eventually pull around the screw and come undone. I put them right in the middle of each crossing of lines.

Then I hot glued nail heads down after chopping off the nail part!