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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Piano Bench into Entry Table -Thrifty Find!

Thrift Find: Piano Bench Re-purposed into an Entry Table

Piano Bench Found it at one of my thrifty fav's, wasn't sure what it's purpose was just yet but for $5 I'd figure something out!
Plus it still opened up and had a paper log still attached showing the dates when the piano got tuned and oiled, which we put back inside when finished!

The final brainstorm was to make it into a counter height entry/console table custom designed for one of our clients, who's style is tradional/modern/rustic. So first we chopped off the legs, I wasnt happy with the wood finished top so I needed to figure something else out. Walking around in the hardware stores to get ideas for crafts and projects is one of my favorite things, so while in my local home improvement store I walked into the tile isle, and found my table top inspiration!

 I fell in LOVE with this slate and glass tile mix and thought it was perfect for the clients entry way since they have slate tile on the ground as well. This came in 12 x 12 mesh sheets which would have been the easiest to do, but of course I would need at least 3-4 sheets and they were $15 per sheet so that was out, so I found 12 prepackaged 4 x 4 slate tiles for $6, and then picked out single glass tiles for $1 each. Then I went home to convince my hubby to help me cut the tile into thinner strips!

   So after tedious cutting and laying out the pattern we had our top. Which wasn't exact but it was more of the colors I was looking for in the end. So next it was time to figure out the base of the table which had us pretty stumped as well. We are very fortunate to be living on California's central coast where there is so much beauty and WINERY'S, which I have found access to free wine stave's! This is the french oak that is inside of the wine barrel that I'm assuming they help flavor the wine, they come out stained whatever color the wine is which is pretty cool looking! So my hubby thought of this brilliant base and used the staves along with the reclaimed wood we happened to have. I also painted the rest of the wood showing on the piano bench to match the wine staves. 

We were very proud of this project and it also fueled us to do another project in the same entry way again using the wine stave's for an upholstered bench we created. What do you think?


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