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Monday, June 11, 2012

What the Tide Drug in....Continued....$1000 Room Redo

These are the first items I purchased for the fireplace mantel area. They are $4 bamboo place mats from Pier1. I sprayed them black then dry-brushed on a gunmetal silver paint to give it a modern look. These then attached to wall right above the faux wood mantel.

Next I purchased some shadow boxes from the $1 store, took out the back and added grass cloth wallpaper that I also dry-brushed with the gunmetal paint. Then added the white sea stars, I also had already painted the frames black and used the gunmetal around the edges of it as well
Then taking the clients black picture frames, I also added the grass-cloth wall paper to the fronts then dry-brushed the gunmetal over those too.

NOW FOR THE BIG PROJECT!!!!!!!!!    The faux mantel!
I went to the local hardware store and purchased 2 cedar fence posts for $4ea, had them cut them there then came home a nail gunned them all together

Then I got out the knife and wood file started shaving down the edges and creating dips, holes, and then sanded and sanded and sanded!I mixed a water and white paint solution (mostly water) and started to soak the wood over and over ended up doing about 8 coats. I was going for a bleached out by the sun /drift wood looking piece.

Then I took about 100 thumb tacks and stuck them into cardboard then sprayed them with black and silver paint getting a matte silvery finish. Then started to hammer them in on the front of the mantel. I attached "L" brackets on the bottom portion of the mantel so that it could be attached to wall as well as sitting on the brick mantel.

Fireplace color change! This took WAY longer then anticipated! It took 3 hours to paint on the "Kilz" white primer which is the most important step because the paint will just keep soaking into the brick and you will not get the color you want unless this step is taken. Then let it dry, and started to 2 coats of regular interior paint which I chose in a deep gray tone

While letting the coats of primer on the brick dry, I had already cut out coral shapes on the "cricut" and drug out my trusty OLD school projector and just painted the gunmetal paint over the coral pattern on the wall above the fireplace, next to the vinyl wording I had already installed on the wall. 
I also found this really great fabric that had all the colors at "Chameleon's Home" that I made into pillows for the sofa and a valance for over the slider doors.

These clients have used my services for years for pretty much every room in their house they are great to work with, I appreciate them so much! Thanks to the Smith's!

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