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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Benched! DIY Bench & Diamond Tuft...Thrifty Find $10

This was one of my BEST finds EVER! A 1970ish oversized coffee table for $10 at my favorite thrift store! It was 50"L x 36"d x 16"h. It had 4 cabinet doors on each side with lots of storage AND the really cute funky medallions on each door-which is the MAIN reason I bought it!
So of course I had to figure out something really cool to turn this into....What about 2 benches for the end of a bed? Why not? So I had my hubby saw it in half.

And then there were 2! I started with the first one and painted it white, plus we added on a back so it would be a true storage bench.                   I LOVE the medalions!

Next I had the hubby cut out a piece of wood that I could upholster, then attach to the top of the bench. I also drilled holes to create my diamond pattern for my tufting.

 I then added the foam and dacron. I have seen several DIY tips for creating the holes in the foam and the drill was not working for me, so I just used my turkey carver for the holes as well as for cutting it to size.I then draped the fabric generously over the foam, and started to push it through the holes.

I took a needle and heavy duty fishing line and sewed through the fabric that was coming through the hole, then pulled tightly and stapled it to the wood

The diamond pattern starts to form automatically but you do need to help the "flaps" form in the direction you want them to lay.

I then attached it to the top of the bench from underneath by pre-drilling and using heavy duty screws. I added a contrasting piping and buttons and voila a beautiful bench for the foot of a lovely bed! Stay tuned for after photos of the clients room it will be going into!

Here's the bench in the finished client's room


  1. Great post! This is so beautiful. I have been looking at benches but they are so expensive! I may have to do a little DIY with an old ottoman. Thanks for the idea.

  2. For client pieces what paint did you use?